She Saw Strange Footprints At The Junkyard. Now Keep Watching. The Ending Is UNBELIEVABLE!

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Two years ago, Georgia native, Ted Kupferman was involved in a car accident. While no physical damage was caused to Kupferman, something far more tragic happened. His dog, Bear, who happened to be in the car during the crash, became startled and ran away.

Bear ran deep into the Georgia woods. Kupferman spent over 12 hours looking for his beloved pooch with no success. Feeling tired and heartbroken, he had no choice but to go home without his best friend.

Since that sad day, two years flew by with no sign of Bear anywhere. Kupferman and his significant other, Kelly Thomas, were just about ready to give up on his return. When out of no where, they received a shocking phone call.

The call was from an auto parts yard employee named Stephanie Sparks. She spotted Bear several months ago while at work. Stephanie, along with other employees, have been feeding Bear two times a day on the assumption that he was a stray.

When they finally managed to capture Bear, Stephanie realized that he was microchipped. She immediately contacted Kuperferman and Thomas with the good news. Take a look at the video below to see the whole story plus the heart melting reactions!


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