Influencer Wants Man To Move From Public Bench Because She Is Filming, He Refuses.

Who was in the in the wrong here? The comment section is divided on this one.

An argument between one man and an influencer has gone viral on Twitter. At this moment, it has gotten over 22.1 million views in just three days.

The video begins with the influencer addressing her livestream viewers. She tells them that she completed a 5k this morning.


As she was speaking, an older man simply sits down on the bench behind her. This immediately catches the attention of the influencer.

She quickly asks the man if he can go sit at another park bench.

He refuses by letting her know that there’s plenty of room in the park. She should just move her camera to a different part of the park.


She says she can’t do it because she is already live-streaming. Implying that setting up at another location would be difficult for her.

Things become a bit personal at this point when she tells him that her followers do not want to see an old in the background.

He quickly hits her back by telling her to go back to school. He asks her if she is Jesus since she keeps mentioning her followers.


The video ends with the girl seemingly giving up.

The comment section on this video was divided quite a bit. Many people felt that the influencer was acting in an entitled matter.

It’s a public park and she does not have the right to tell people where to go or what to do. If something is bothering her, she should be the one to move.


Other people felt that man was acting out of line. While, yes, they were both in a public space, he should have had enough sense to not intrude on another person’s activity.

It would have taken him no time at all to just sit somewhere else when asked.


Many people also felt that they were both wrong.

Both are in the wrong
Dude is being a d*** for no reason
Lady is forgetting she’s recording videos in a public space
Both could be nicer and compromising
Bad vibes for everyone involved

Writes Jay D. Cartere on Twitter.

Check it out in the video below.

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