If You Drive Down This Road At 45 MPH, The Road Will Start Playing ‘America The Beautiful’.

A really clever way to get people to drive the speed limit.

Do you have any musical talent? Some people have it, some people don’t. If you fall on the spectrum of not possessing any form of musical ability, this video just might make you feel a bit bad. 

YouTube Screenshot

There is a stretch of highway on Route 66, east of Albuquerque and near the village of Tijeras in New Mexico, that has a series of grooves cut into it.

And apparently, if you drive over these grooves at exactly 45 mph, the road will play ‘America the Beautiful’.

Yes, you read that right. A stretch of road could potentially have more musical talent than some people!

YouTube Screenshot

The grooves were apparently placed there in 2014 by the New Mexico Department of Transportation to add some life to the desolate stretch of road.

And safety comes first, of course, as they made sure the notes would only play if you were driving the posted speed limit. 


Wayalife posted a video to their YouTube channel, putting this claim to the test.


You can see what happens when they hit the grooves at just the right speed in the video below.

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