Homeless Man Willing To Work Any Job For $5 An Hour Has His Life Changed By A Stranger

We need to see more of this on social media.

Meet Jimmy Darts. He is a social media celebrity that is known for his fun pranks and dares.

He has 557,000 subscribers on YouTube and 6.5 million followers on TikTok. Many of his subscribers dare him to do random pranks and he often obliges their request.

One dare jimmy performed, in particular, changed a man’s life for the better.


A TikTok follower, named crazypabz, dares him to “become best friends with a stranger for the day”.

In this video, with 35k views on YouTube, we meet Tom, an elderly homeless man who is on his last leg in an attempt to seek work to improve his situation.

Jimmy approaches Tom, who is holding up a sign offering work in exchange for five dollars an hour.

The video then includes a montage of Jimmy spending the day with Tom. They go on grand adventures together to Disney word, play baseball together, and enjoy a meal.


Jimmy raises $20k through his followers to help Tom get a new set of teeth and a head start in life.

We see Tom getting offered a job in a shop and feeling a new purpose in life thanks to his new friendship with Jimmy.

YouTube’s user Tina comments, “I can see why so many people love you! What a great thing you’ve done for this man, you gave him hope! You gave him friendship, most of all, you showed him love.”


Jimmy shows us that everybody deserves a second chance at life and an opportunity for friendship.

Tom also changed Jimmy’s life in this humbling experience, and now his social media content is more geared towards helping others in situations like Tom’s.

Take a look at the life-altering friendship of these two men from very different walks of life.

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