His Wife Was Working In A Closet, So He Decided To Build Her Low Profile Closet Desk

A simple idea that can turn any space into a makeshift office.

The past two years of stay-at-home orders have brought many challenges to the working parent.

Children stuck at home instead of school or daycare created distractions from work, even with a designated home office.


TikTok channel, investor_guy_mike, and his family found themselves dealing with the same difficulties. So, he decided to come up with a solution.

In today’s video with 3.3 million views, we see Mike’s mission is to give his wife’s makeshift office more functionality.

She had been working from inside their bedroom wardrobe. The closet space provides added noise reduction, so she can work while Mike and their baby play.


He shows viewers step by step, how he builds a foldable desk inside his bedroom closet. He offers tips to avoid mistakes, such as pre-drilling the holes before mounting brackets to prevent stripping screw heads.

Not only that, but he also provides links for the products he uses, as well as a breakdown of the cost for the DIY project.

TikTok’s user helloitsmeee44 comments, “That right there! It’s those little things that matter more [than] expensive bags or diamond rings etc…. THAT!!!!”


There’s a coherent message to the viewer, notice a need and fulfill it. This is a great way to show appreciation for a loved one.

Mike says he only requires one form of payment for his labor efforts, “several kisses”.


Have a look at this easy closet office, DIY

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