Most TV Commercials Are Terrible. But, When I Saw This One? I Couldn’t Stop Watching. LOL!

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The following video is a TV commercial created by a company called FreshPet . I know what you’re thinking “Why would you post this? No one likes advertisements!”. Unlike a majority of other commercials on TV, this one is actually entertaining and well worth watching.

With Christmas being only two weeks away, FreshPet created a commercial that matches the holiday tone. It’s about 2 minutes long and absolutely loaded cuteness. We think it’s so good you might actually recommend this commercial to your friends.

Normally, when people think of Santa’s workshop, they imagine a room full of elves working on toys. FreshPet took this classic idea and gave it a hilariously cute twist. They replaced the elves with cats and dogs. The end result of this idea is the cutest pet food commercial you’ll see all winter!

I know that may not seem funny or interesting as you read about it. However, once you see the video, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the content. Check it out below.


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