Grandma Makes A List Of Demands For Babysitting Grandkid, Is She Wrong?

The decision to have a child can come with a plethora of financial and logistical challenges. From purchasing baby gear to navigating maternity leave, new parents must navigate a myriad of new expenses and responsibilities.

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One particularly difficult aspect of having a child can be finding affordable and reliable childcare. This is a challenge that one new mother faced when she posted on Reddit asking if she was in the wrong for asking her mother to babysit her newborn for free.

The woman in question had recently given birth and was struggling to afford the cost of childcare. She had student loans to pay off and limited income, which made paying for a babysitter difficult. She reached out to her mother for help, but was met with resistance. Her mother, who is 64, informed her that she would be willing to watch the baby, but only if she was paid $20 per hour.

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Understandably, the new mother was frustrated by this demand. She felt that it was unreasonable to ask for payment from her own daughter. However, grandma argued that she was not obligated to provide free childcare, especially given her own financial needs and limitations.

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The Reddit post generated a lot of attention, with many commenters weighing in on the debate. While some sympathized with the new mother’s predicament, others sided with the grandmother.


Some commenters argued that the grandmother had a right to be compensated for her time and energy, and that it was unfair to expect her to provide free childcare without any compensation.

Others pointed out that caring for a newborn can be physically demanding and emotionally draining, and that it was reasonable for the grandmother to expect payment.

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Ultimately, the decision to charge for babysitting is a personal one, and there is no right or wrong answer. While it can be frustrating to have to pay for childcare, it is important to recognize that caregivers deserve to be compensated for their time and energy.


Additionally, it is important to have open and honest conversations with family members about expectations and boundaries, so that everyone is on the same page.

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