A Goose Persistently Pecked At Policeman’s Door.. What She Leads Them To? Unbelievable..

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As Cincinnati police officer, James Givens, sat in his police cruiser, something strange happened. A goose suddenly approached his car and began pecking at the door. Initially, James assumed that the goose was just looking for food.

However, after throwing several pieces of food to the ground, he realized that his assumptions were wrong. The goose started walking away while constantly looking back at him. At that point, he knew that the goose was trying to tell him something.

James decided to follow the goose. She lead him towards the pond where her baby laid on the ground unable to move. The poor gosling was helplessly tangled up in some balloon string.

His first move was to call the SPCA for help. Unfortunately, they didn’t have anyone available to come out to their location. That’s when another police officer, Charron, arrived on the scene.

She decided to take matters into her own hands. Take a look below to see what happens next. It’s bit long but the ending is absolutely priceless.


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