They Asked A Boy: Why Did God Create Grandmas? His Response? You NEED To See This!

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The following video is brought to you by the website It only 24 seconds long but every second of is filled with heart melting cuteness. We think you’re going to absolutely love it!

While many kids take their grandmothers for granted, the boy in this clip is the total opposite. Despite being very young, he has a tremendous amount of respect for his grandmother. The boy recognizes the important role she plays in a family.

When the interviewer asked him “Why did God create grandmothers?”, the boy responds in a brilliantly cute way. He replies by saying “God made grandmothers to love and care about you, that’s all I know”.

The boy then goes on to explain how “Mamaw” is 100 years old and is still considered the king of the family. To end the interview, he says the sweetest thing you’ll hear all day, “If she wouldn’t be on this earth, I wouldn’t be on this earth”!

You simply need to see the video to fully appreciate the cuteness. Check it out below.


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