Girl Starts Singing A Christmas Song. Now Watch The Dog’s Reaction. Priceless!

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Daniela Andrade is a musician from Canada. Many of you most likely have never heard of her, but she does have a popular channel on YouTube. As of now, she has 903,777 subscribers on the site.

To celebrate Christmas, she decided to sing “Christmas Time Is Here”, a popular Christmas song that was released in December 1965.

There are many versions of this song on the Internet, but we believe Daniela’s version is one of the best out there. As soon as you hear her amazing voice, you will instantly fall in love.

Throughout the video, make sure you keep your eyes on her dog, whom she describes as the “cutest dog in the galaxy”. While Daniela sings, the look on her dog’s face is just priceless.

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Check it out below.


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