This Video Is Only 39 Seconds Long But Every Second Is Just Too CUTE For Words! LOL!

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The following video comes to you from YouTube user Dadnbz. It was originally uploaded back in December with limited success. However, after being picked up by a big media company, the video has gone super viral in the last 24 hours.

Simply put, the video features a baby, her father, and one corny joke. I know that may not sound interesting as you read about it. But, once you see how the moment unravels, you’re going to laugh out!

This is the joke that dad tells his daughter: What’s the difference between Dubai and Abu Dahbi? People in Dubai don’t watch The Flintstones. People in Abu Dahbi do.

As clever as that joke is, his daughter is in stitches before he can even deliver the punch line. The little girl seems to think that “Abu Dahbi” alone is laugh out loud funny. This makes dad chuckle and in turn creates a contagiously funny moment.

Once dad finally delivers the punchline, this sends the little girl into another round of laughter. This creates even more contagious laughter! You simply need to the see video in order to fully appreciate the moment.

Check it out below.

(Make sure to have your sound turned up)


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