Famous Vet Shows His Method For Calming A Terrified Dog

A little compassion can go a long way.

Dr. Thomas Hamilton, known on Tik Tok as Dr. Tom, has a knack for working with frightened animals.

This knack has amassed him 3.2 million followers on Tik Tok who regularly watch him comfort his most terrified patients.


When he was a child, he wanted to be a veterinarian, but getting there was not easy, and he recalls how there were times when he wanted to give up but didn’t.

We’re glad that he never gave up because he now makes videos that teach pet owners how to interact with animals. Especially dogs that are terrified of the vet.


In the video that you’re going to see in this post, Dr. Tom will show you how he gently works a terrified pup out of a corner.

Dr. Tom begins by displaying submissive canine body language to the pup. He lays down on the floor in a playful manner. He let’s the pup stand above him in order to signal to him that he is not a threat.

After that, Dr. Tom leads the dog out of the corner with a trail of treats while slowly taking over his spot.

Kasskamira, a fellow TikTok viewer, comments, “This is so wholesome, and it’s nice to see a vet who understands how and makes the effort to make his patients feel safe and secure as possible. Particularly, impressive as you are such a big guy, it must be difficult to become so unimposing. “


For being a big guy, he sure has a gentle approach with his patients, he inspires animal lovers to connect with pets on a deeper level because they have feelings too. It takes a special form of communicating to understand them.

They have fears of the vet, the same way some people do with doctors or dentists. Since we can’t converse, we must use soft tones of voice, passive body language, and many treats!


The TikTok vet reminds everyone to be patient, get on their level, and to show empathy.

See the TikTok animal Doc help this dog overcome his fear

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