Family Of 8 Transforms A Double Decker Bus Into A Not So Tiny Home.

You need to see the inside of their bus.

The rising costs of housing and the recent uptick in remote jobs available has inspired some families to live a nomadic life.

However, many people prefer not to give up so much space and luxury, so they opt for “Skoolie” renovating instead of the classic RV.


A Skoolie, is a retired school bus that’s been upcycled into a tiny travel home. They are growing in popularity because they are less expensive to renovate; they are customizable, and they are larger than a standard travel home.

Skoolies allow a good balance of luxury and freedom, which is why they are trending with Facebook groups like Skoolie – Nation, with 40k members.


The TikTok channel doubledeckerfam with 169.8 k followers, shows a family of 8 living in a renovated double-decker Skoolie.

The Everly household includes Dane, Deena, and their six children, who plan to travel to each state over the next two years in their new Skoolie.

Dane and Deena purchased a Van Hool TD925 Double Decker tour bus in September 2020 and transformed it into what they now call the Double-Decker Bus, or DBL ^ DKR, as referred to in their family logo.

In today’s video with 21.7 million views, The Everlys’ give a tour of the main floor of the DBL ^ DKR bus.


They showcase the driver cockpit that transforms into a front office, full-sized kitchen, living area that converts to a dining area, and the primary restroom.

TikTok user katie.kat_02 writes, “this is bigger than my apartment”. The 20ft (ca. 6 m) long home is space-saving, so there is more area for the household to roam.

They feature the rest of their bus tour in other videos and showcases the upstairs, which has pod bunk beds for the kids, a shower, restroom, master bedroom, and a massive roof deck.

Check out how this household of 8 lives and travels in an old school bus. Also don’t forget to follow doubledeckerfam on TikTok.

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