Employee Asks A Customer To Sing, He Surprises The Entire Store With His Voice.

What a beautiful voice!

Bear Bailey, also known as Bearbailey1 on TikTok, is a man from Louisiana who went viral when a gas station clerk recorded a video of him singing along to radio songs.

He has several videos singing country songs and other music variations at the Super Serve gas station in Houma, Louisiana to the clerk and fellow patrons.


He has gained 3.2 million followers and because of his viral fame; he has landed a music record deal.

In today’s video with 4.9 million likes, we see one of the performances that contributed to his overnight rise to stardom.

He is grabbing a drink from the gas station and the clerk requests that he performs in front of everyone as “All My Life” by K-CI & Jojo plays over the gas station speakers.


He sings a beautiful rendition of the hit song. Everyone, including the customers, get excited about his singing.

Bear has captured the attention of viewers all over, including famous country stars like Mickey Guyton, Keith Urban, and Dan & Shay who all share the excitement for the talented unknown singer.

He had almost given up on his dreams of music to go work as a welder in Alaska, to provide for his wife and daughter.

That’s when he recorded his musical encounters with the gas station clerk.

The idea paid off, and his viral fame turned him into a real country musician. He has put out a couple of hits already such as, “Let it Roll” and “I Can’t Stop Loving You”.


Check out how Bear Bailey got his big break started in a gas station.

@bearbailey1 All My Life by #kciandjojo #cover #gasstation #foryou #foryoupage #adayinmylife #letmeknow #reaction ♬ original sound – Bear Bailey

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