Elephants Jump To The Rescue After A Calf Falls Into The Water And Can’t Get Out.

An incredible moment caught on the zoo surveillance camera.

Did you know that elephants can be extremely compassionate creatures?

Much like humans, they have demonstrated on numerous occasions their capacity to care for one another.

They look out for each other, and when called for, don’t hesitate to rush to offer assistance.


Today we have a YouTube video that’s a shining example of this. 

A baby elephant calf is seen standing beside a larger adult near a pool at Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea. All of a sudden the poor calf slips and falls into the water. Another nearby elephant wastes no time at all in running over to try and help out.

YouTube Screenshot

Another elephant can be seen behind a fence close by, pacing back and forth anxiously.

The two adult elephants at the pool consider their options for a moment as the calf begins to drift away from them.

YouTube Screenshot

Thinking fast, both elephants head down the nearby ramp into the shallow end of the pool. They rush over to the paddling baby elephant, keeping it safe between them.

They guide the calf back over to the shallow area, exiting the pool, safe and sound. 


Check out the video for yourself to see these two amazing 5000kg lifeguards in action!

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