Don’t Take Your Eyes Off…What’s About To Happen Here Is Amazing To Watch! OMG!

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Some of you may find this following video a little boring to watch. But if you are a person who appreciates the beauty of nature and animals, then you are definitely going to love it. In fact, you are going to be WOW’ed.

Located outside of Oakland, Oregon, there is a place called the Duchess Sanctuary. Its owners are dedicated to rescuing neglected and abused horses around the country.

In total, there are currently 192 horses in the sanctuary. And in the video below, you get to see 110 of them running down the hill.

According to the owner, they are moving from one pasture to another area in the sanctuary. What’s amazing is that there is no need to lead them. All they have to do is open the gate and call them.

As you are about to see, these beautiful horses are all well taken care of. They are clearly loved by their caretakers.

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Check it out below.


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