Donkey Laughs At A Dog That Was Accidentally Zapped By An Electric Fence.

Izzy will not be going near the donkeys anymore.

What you are about to see has over 40.6 million views on TikTok. In the video, user nashrose18, shows us her boxer, Izzy, getting the shock of her life when she touches an electric fence.

Her pup is attempting to pester a donkey behind the fence and gets too close, setting off the hot wire fence.

Nashrose18 TikTok Screenshot

The fence zaps Izzy and she takes off running.

However, what made this video go viral was the fact that the donkey started laughing hysterically at the dog getting zapped.

Don’t worry though! No real harm was done to Izzy, as the fence functions to deter an animal from getting too close by sending a small electric pulse. Eventually, this trains the animal to keep a distance.

Nashrose18 TikTok Screenshot

The fence actually protects Izzy, who only has one eye, from being hurt by the other animals since she cannot gain access to them.

The donkey has created quite an uproar of belly laughs among TikTok viewers with 9.2 million likes and over 115,000 comments.

Tiktok user, Foster Hill, comments “This has gotta be the funniest TikTok I’ve ever seen!”

Photo by Leon Woods from Pexels

Unfortunately, after doing some research, the laughing donkey wasn’t actually laughing.

According to the noises they make, referred to as a bray, is a warning signal.

Donkeys protect livestock from predators with their loud bray sounds. The donkey was warning everyone to stay back, or you’ll get zapped.


Regardless of the donkey’s intentions, we are convinced that Izzy won’t bother the donkeys anymore. Have a look below at the donkey’s timed perfectly reaction.

@nashrose18 Poor Izzy got shocked…and the Donkey laughed at her.@_hailey_ann_rose_ @avengedx06 #donkey #boxer #fyp #shock #electricfence #laughing #dog ♬ original sound – HI.

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