Doctor writes an eye opening letter to employers who constantly demand a doctor’s note.

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If you’ve ever gotten sick and had to take some time off from work, you’ve probably had to get a doctor’s note to excuse the absences. After all, how else will your boss know if you’re truly sick or if you’re just looking to take a mini-vacation?

While in most cases such a request is acceptable, some employers take the whole doctor’s note requirement too far. They want to see a note even if you have the smallest of ailments.

One doctor in Nova Scotia, Canada is looking to put an end this nonsense. He claims that the practice is putting unnecessary strain on doctors. It’s taking time away from people who are truly sick and need medical attention.

While his letter may address Canadians specifically, his concerns have gone viral in the United States. Many people felt that that doctors face the same sort of nonsense world wide. Their time is being wasted on the things that don’t even require medical attention.

Take a look below to see his powerful letter.




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