Mom Hands Her Son Dinner. But Keep Watching. This Video Got 9 MILLION Views In 24 HOURS.

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What you’re about to see is currently one of the most popular videos on Facebook. In under 24 hours, it has a received a jaw dropping 9.3 million views and counting. Judging by these numbers, we think you’re going to absolutely love it!

If you happen to be a parent, you know that kids can be extremely picky eaters. A minor detail such as the color, smell, or even the way the food looks will put them off from eating it. Naturally, this causes a whole lot of conflict and frustration during dinner time.

In.order to remedy the situation, some parents try to make food more interesting for their kids. For example, they pretend that the spoon is an airplane that needs to fly into the child’s mouth. Little tactics like this engage the child and trick them into eating something they normally avoid.

In the video below, one mom tried utilizing a similar tactic in order to get her son to eat. She made a smiley face using her son’s food. However, it backfired in the most heart meltingly cute way possible.

I won’t spoil what happens. Simply take a look at the video below to see the priceless moment.


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