Dad Shaves Off His Beard, Toddler Has An Adorable Response.

A special father-daughter moment!

Babies and children use their senses to help them navigate the world around them. They learn to remember usual faces like their parents; therefore, they don’t admire change.

Drastic changes such as beard removal sometimes results in tears because daddy looks strange but familiar. This just confuses the baby even further.


In today’s video, a little girl named Ellie has an uncommon reaction to her father, Arthur’s buzzed beard.

In an Instagram video with 1.4 million views, Ellie tells her papa to “take it off… I don’t like it!” referring to his beard.

He later reveals a shaved face, and Ellie reacts in the most adorable way possible.


She smiles and says,” I like it… You’re so handsome.”

Her kind words and sweet baby voice have Instagram users like thechrisdoss saying, “Welp, that’s probably the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Ellie and her younger brother Theo have an Instagram account that has 85.1k followers called uncooltoddler.


Stephy, Ellie’s mom and Arthur share daily videos of the kids trying different foods like spicy chips, or doing crafts like making slime, and fresh adventures they experience together.

The videos also give great tips for parents on how to communicate with children.


Check out Ellie’s adorable video below. It’s absolutely precious to see the level of tenderness and adoration Ellie has for her father!

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