Boy Asks For A $20 Advance On His Allowance. Wait Till You See Dad’s Response. LOL!

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One of the best ways to instill financial responsibility in children is to set up an allowance system. By making them complete chores for money, you’re preparing them for the real world.  The system is equivalent to having a job and getting a weekly paycheck.

Furthermore, if a child wants to buy something expensive, he or she needs to start saving up their allowance. This teaches them the true value of a dollar and importance of saving money. If this system is in place for years, the child is less likely to make poor financial decisions as an adult.

Today, we’re going to show you a dad who has the allowance system in place. However, his six year old son is having a bit of trouble with it. The son wants to buy a toy but has already spent all of his money.

In hopes of getting that toy sooner, the son asks dad for a $20 advance on his allowance. Instead of just flat out saying “no” to the request, dad does something hilariously genius. He writes an official looking letter from the bank of dad!

It’s cute, funny, and all around awesome. Check it out below.


If you’re having trouble reading the letter in picture format, here is a typed version:

From: Dad Savings and Loan “Because apparently I look like I am made of money”
Dear [name hidden]

We regret to inform you at this time that we are unable to provide a loan in the amount requested of $20.00. After reviewing your account, we have found you have insufficient funds, and a history of not doing your chores.

Furthermore, over $80.00 has been spent on discretionary entertainment since Christmas. This is an unsustainable amount of expenditure, and we cannot further compound the problem by financially assisting with occurring further debt at this point.

If you would like to refute this decision, you can contact our complaint department at 1-314-(Mom’s phone number). Our dispute manager at this number may be able to persuade us to reverse our decision.

Thank you for choosing DAD Savings and Loan, we appreciate the chance to serve your financial needs.




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