Couple’s Sexy Country Swing Dance Receives 2.7 Million Views On YouTube

Every movement is so smooth and filled with so much passion.

The song is called “Hard to love”, but this country dancing duo makes it look easy to love the art of swing dance.

Joey and Stephanie really steal the thunder at Country Thunder, one of the biggest country music festivals in North America.

ZonaLov, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The ordinary looking couple step out onto the outdoor dance floor together, performing a perfectly choreographed one-of-a kind swing dance to Country star Lee Brice’s song “Hard to love”.

Their methodical movement and chemistry has captured over 2.7 million views on YouTube.

YouTube Screenshot

They have changed the world’s perception of swing dance being only for the professionals.

The couple are seen intensely focusing on each other with effortless twists, stunning turns, and even some jaw dropping thrills.

“I’m hard to love. No, I don’t make it easy,” plays in the background as Joey swiftly dips Stephanie down vertically with the floor as he spins her one-handed using only the back of her neck as the base.

YouTube Screenshot

The couples around stare in amazement and try to imitate their movements, but even with a guy in an American flag Speedo dancing in the background, it is hard to be distracted by anything else but them.

YouTube user Inga writes: I absolutely love everything about this. There’s so much going on around you two but you only focus on each other. I watched the guy’s hands, he’s so caring with his touch, this is so lovely. I can feel the love radiating between you. Wish more people could have this type of connection.


What a great way to put it Inga! Their genuine connection is a big part of what makes their dancing so great.

Check out their amazing video down below!

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