Officer bravely rescues a trapped cougar without using a tranquilizer gun.

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Recently, Utah conservation officer, Mark Ekins, found himself in a very nerve wracking situation. He was called up to release a cougar from a bobcat trap. However, he didn’t have a tranquilizer gun with him.

Their office was several miles away and the sun was starting to set. Mark knew by the time he drove to the office, got the tranquilizer gun, and then came back it would be night. Attempting to release such a dangerous animal in nearly non-existent visibility was not an option.

Mark was left with two choices. He either had to leave the suffering cougar in the trap overnight or attempt to rescue it without the use of tranquilizers. As an animal lover, Mark chose the latter option.

In the video below, you’re going to see his incredibly brave rescue effort. So far, it has received an impressive 3.2 million views and counting. The video about 6 minutes long but every second will have you glued to your seat.


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