They Put A Computer In Front Of Her Husband. But When He Does THIS With It? Oh My.. TEARS!

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In March of 1995, Don Moir was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). With each passing week, he started to lose function in various parts of his body. By 1999, Don lost the ability to speak and was completely confined to a wheelchair.

While some women might have ran when such a difficult situation fell into their lap, Don’s wife, Lorraine, decided to live up to her vows. She takes care of her husband to the fullest extent of her abilities.

Lorraine’s only wish was to somehow give her husband a voice again. Over the last decade, she has been forced to use a letter board in order to communicate with Don. It’s was a tedious process that involved following Don’s eyes in hopes of spelling out what he’s thinking.

In hopes of finding a better way, Lorraine contacted Not Impossible Labs and told them about her situation. The team quickly started working on a solution to give Don a voice. Due to the fact Don has no experience with computers or modern technology as a whole, it took a whole lot of work.

Fortunately, Not Impossible Labs eventually found a custom solution for Don. He finally got voice and was able to tell his wife what he really thinks of her. See the heart melting moment for yourself, check it out below.


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