Cat Shows Human-Like Emotions While Watching A Horror Movie

Things just got scarier and scarier for Togepi until she just couldn't take it anymore.

Many people love horror movies.

Whether it’s an old school psychological thriller or a bloody, gory slasher flick, horror fans lap the latest frightful releases up in droves.

Many a date night has been spent using a horror movie as an excuse to move just a little bit closer.


However, for every horror movie fan…there’s someone who’s absolutely terrified of them. 

And sometimes there’s also a cat who’s absolutely terrified of them. 

In a video shared to YouTube by the DailyPicksandFlicks channel, there’s a cat on camera watching a horror movie play out.

Togepi, the nine month old Tabby-Bengal mix couldn’t fully understand what she was seeing on the television. 

YouTube Screenshot

As the scene progressed, and the intensity and musical score picked up in pace, you can see Togepi tensing up.

Her eyes grow wider by the second.

When you hear a door slowly creaking open from the movie, she begins to get even more nervous. 

As the eerie scene reaches its climax and you hear a blood curdling scream from the movie, that’s it for Togepi.

YouTube Screenshot

She literally leaps out of the picture in fear! 

The amusing clip has already been viewed over two million times.


Check out the fearful kitty for yourself below! 

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