Can You Get Anywhere If You Just Hold A Ladder? Two Men Try To Find Out.

The video is funny, impressive, and slightly scary. Is it really that easy to fool people?

Often times we don’t think twice about the maintenance crews and workers that we pass by every day. Comedians Troy Kinne and Steve Philp decided to put that concept to the test by trying to go into as many establishments as they could by simply carrying a ladder with them on their way in.

In a video posted in 2015 with over 3.9 million views, Kinne and Philp take turns meandering around various public places with ladders, attempting to put to the test whether it’s truly possible to get into any location as long as you have a ladder under your arm.


Throughout the video they make their way into many places by being as inconspicuous as possible.

It was very easy for Kinne and Philp to get into places with ladders

The two comedians oftentimes didn’t have to say much of anything to be granted access into places most people would have to pay.

Just by holding a ladder, Philp was able to bypass the ticket stands at a train station. An attendant even went out of their way to help him!

Even in areas where a ladder may not be pragmatic, looking like you are on a job is often enough to ensure your entry into somewhere.


Kinne managed to get aboard a boat cruise without a ticket, having to tuck the ladder under the roof of the small boat.

Ladders don’t always work

Sometimes though, you need more than a ladder and a good attitude to make your way into a place, especially if a ladder is unnecessary in that establishment.

Philp attempted to get onto a horse-drawn carriage by passing himself off as an “inspector” of the carriage, but the driver ultimately did not buy the ruse.

Both comedians also had little luck at a work site, where many of the workers were already using ladders.


Even though the ladders don’t always work, with a little talking you can make it through.

Kinne tried sneaking into a cinema by walking right past the ticket counter, ladder in hand.

When he was stopped by a worker, he asked for a list of the theaters, and said he was doing repairs.

It wasn’t much long after that he was on his way in, much to the confusion of the worker.

The ladders were ultimately a success


It’s amazing how many different places you can get into by simply going about your business and carrying a ladder.

What Kinne and Philp didn’t display is how long you’ll be able to stay undercover before your true intentions are revealed.

Check out their amazing video below.

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