Man Writes On FB That His Wife Lost Her Wedding Ring On The Beach, Then A Stranger Offers To Help.

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As Long Island natives, Brandon and Debbie Potter, prepared to leave the beach, they experienced a heart dropping moment. Brandon, who put his wife’s wedding ring in his pocket, suddenly realized that the ring was gone.

They desperately began searching up and down the beach. Unfortunately, they had no luck in locating ring. It seemed like one of their most prized possessions was gone for good.

Out of desperation, Brandon took to local Facebook groups for help. He shared his story and hoped that some kind soul may have found it. That’s when a man named Mike Jandris commented and did something incredible for the Potter family.

Take a look below to see the whole story.

“So yesterday Debbie Potter and I had a huge scare. She handed me her ring so she could put sun screen lotion on. I put it in her back pocket of her shorts and thought she heard me say I did. We went through our day at the beach and as we were leaving she asked me for her ring. I told her I put it in her shorts. It wasn’t there.

We took turns looking on the beach and couldn’t find it. I took to Facebook groups as a Hail Mary. I posted on 10 different Long Island Facebook pages. There were so many people sharing our post, commenting and showing their compassion. A few people reached out to me with a metal detector.


One guy, Mike Jandris commented that he was getting in his car and and would be there in 35 min. This blew my mind, this guy who has never met me or my wife is willing to help us find her ring, let alone drive out of his way to help. I met him down there and with in 5 min of us looking at the spot, he found it. He truly is a hero to me and my wife. I told him to please add me on Facebook because only a true friend would drive out of their way to help someone find a ring! Thank you again Mike!”


Brandon Potter

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