This Video Is Only 41 Seconds Long But Every Second Is Too CUTE For Words! Heart = MELTED!

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Whether you’re 15 years old or 80 years old, you’ve probably heard the song Twist and Shout. It was originally recorded by the Isley Brothers in 1962 with moderate success. However, in 1963, The Beatles did a cover of the song and turned it into a massive success.

In today’s video, you’re going to watch as YouTuber user, Elliott Beers, sings this legendary song to his baby boy. While Elliot is decent singer, the real star of the video is his son. The baby boy has a reaction to the song that’s so good it’s actually starting to go viral.

.For the first 20 seconds of the video, the baby simply listens to the melody. But, when dad gets to the lyrical portion, his son immediately gets into the song. After a few seconds pass, the baby boy actually starts swinging his hips around!

It’s almost as if he can understand what it means to “Twist and Shout”. Best of all, it’s not a one time occurrence either. The baby actually makes several hip twisting motions while dad sings. Considering his age, this is a very impressive moment/coincidence.

See the adorable moment for yourself. Check it out below.

(Make sure to have your sound turned up)


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