Baby Has An Adult-Like Reaction To Grandma Trying Trick Him Into Eating

"Sorry grandma. I am way too old for those tricks!"

Grandmas are known for bringing joy to a child’s life. A child can totally light up when they see grandma walk in through the door.

However, for one baby, grandma’s feeding routine has him feeling indifferent.

In fact, he looks like he is flat out tired of her nonsense!

YouTube Screenshot

In a viral short video shared by Daily Picks and Flicks, this grandma is seen attempting the age-old airplane trick to get her grandson to eat a puréed meal.

“Here’s the airplane, coming!” Grandma says as she makes silly revved up noises, flying the spoon around the baby’s head.

YouTube Screenshot

The camera pans to the right where the baby is seen seemingly unamused by her antics.

In the YouTube video with over 13k views, a viewer named Sami S says,

“His eyes, it’s like he knew millions of people would be watching him.”

YouTube Screenshot

Another viewer of this dynamic duo comments, “meme material.”


One thing is for sure, this video is going to make a great story for the baby when he gets older.

Check out this hilarious baby’s reaction to his grandma’s airplane noises.

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