91-Year-Old Woman Performs An Incredible Gymnastics Routine.

Her age is not holding her back! She is better than most young people!

It’s never too late in life to start living an active, healthy lifestyle. Whether you begin in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s is irrelevant, the important thing to do is just start.

It can pay off in huge ways as you get older, and can make all of the difference when it comes to staying physically and mentally fit well into your 80’s and even your 90’s. 

Centre for Ageing Better from Pexels

Today we have a video shared to YouTube by Metro Newspaper UK that features a 91 year old woman who is living proof of this. She is seen performing a flawless gymnastics routine at a competition in Berlin, Germany. 

As the elderly woman clad in a green one piece gymnastics outfit approaches the parallel bars, the crowd of spectators watches on.


She grips the bars and effortlessly swings both of her legs over top of them. What she manages next is simply incredible.

YouTube Screenshot

She gracefully flips forward, lifting her legs straight up into the air, holding the pose for several seconds.

She then tumbles forward back into her original pose before twisting her entire body around to straddle the poles in the opposite direction as the crowd cheers on. 

To polish off the routine, the 91 year old once again lifts herself up vertically, before slowly lowering herself into a front lever. This hold takes an incredible amount of strength to pull off! 


Check out her entire routine in the video below to prove that you are never too old to remain healthy and strong!

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