91-Year-Old Woman Has Her Wallet Stolen. Officers Go Above And Beyond To Help Her.

A sad story that winds up having a happy ending.

It’s always nice to see when members of the public go above and beyond what is required of them in their line of duty.

Officer Janelle Jumelles of the Boynton Beach Police Department is a great example of this, and the BBPD was all too willing to show off how proud they are of her in a video they shared to their Facebook page.

Publix Surveillance Camera Screenshot

The video shows security footage from a Publix supermarket from a Saturday afternoon in which a 91 year old woman had her wallet stolen directly out of her shopping cart.

One man approached her and briefly distracted her while a second man went into her cart to take the wallet, which contained the woman’s credit cards and food stamps.

Officer Jumelles and Training Officer Evan Esteves responded to the complaint once the woman realized what had happened.


After taking the woman’s statement, Jumelles approached a Publix manager and inquired if they could just give her the groceries she came to pick up and Jumelles would return afterwards to pay for them. She just wanted to get the elderly woman out of there as quickly as possible after her ordeal.

Publix agreed to let the woman take her groceries and leave.

Boynton Beach Police Department

The woman was so grateful for their help that she was in tears. Jumelles and Esteves didn’t stop there with their kindness though.

They even helped the 91 year old cancel all of her stolen credit cards and bought her a Publix gift card. Now that’s public service!


Check out the video footage taken from Jumelles body cam below to see just how grateful the elderly woman was after how helpful the two officers and Publix were in this unfortunate situation.

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