7’1 Man Puts Camera On His Hat To Show How People React To Him On A Daily Basis.

Being over 7 feet tall is incredibly rare. In fact, there are only 2800 people in the world right now that have reached this number. That’s only 0.000038% of the world’s population.

Being this tall comes with several perks in life. Such as having certain athletic advantages in sports or being able to reach just about anything you need with ease.


Best of all, the sheer size provides an intimidation factor that deters people from messing with you.

Unfortunately, it also comes with a ton of problems. The world is not built for people who are 7 feet tall. Doorways, chairs, clothing, and just about everything else are built for the average height person.

In today’s video, we get to see one of those challenges through the eyes of a 7-foot man.

The man’s name is Beau Brown. He has over 2.9 million followers on TikTok and 94,000 subscribers on Snapchat.


Specifically, we are going to see the difficulties a 7-foot man faces when he’s at the dentist.

The video begins with Beau standing up. He quickly hears a line that is all too familiar to him. “Woah, you’re really tall!”

The receptionist even asks him comically “why are you so tall?!”

As Beau makes his way down the hall, he faces an issue that most people never even think about. He constantly needs to duck under doors in order to not hit his head.

But the issues and comments don’t stop there. Beau’s dentist is taken aback by his massive stature. He says jokingly “Holy cow, sit back down” as Beau attempts to shake his hand.

Unfortunately, Beau could not even fit in the Dentist’s chair properly. The doctor had to make adjustments in order to accommodate his legs.


The video closes out with one final “tall guy problem”. Beau stands up too quickly and winds up hitting his head on the overhead light. “Most people don’t have that problem,” says the doctor.

“Such a different view from up there,” says Tiktok user clydethebully_.

Beau’s viewpoint throws new light on some of the challenges that people his size experience, and perhaps raises awareness about how to accommodate them.

Check out Beau’s perspective on a tall man’s dental visit. Don’t forget to follow his channel as well.

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