As This Woman Was Using The ATM, She Got The Most Unforgettable Surprise Ever!

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When was the last time your bank actually gave you something that made you smile? Probably never. In recent years, banks have been labeled as evil and greedy financial institutions that we cannot trust anymore. Expecting a gift from them is usually the last thing on your mind.

However, there’s a bank in Canada that is quite different from most of the banks that you know. This bank, TD Canada, did something extremely heartwarming for its loyal customers.

In the video below, the people walked up to the ATM, and all of a sudden, the machine started talking to them. First, the voice from the machine explained that they have transformed their ATM into an “automatic thanking machine”. After thanking them sincerely for being such loyal customers, it then gave each of them a unique gift. Watch the video below to see what they got. This is incredible!


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