She Said Cruel Things To Her Husband. After Coming Home, She Found THIS In The Room!

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In her lengthy post, Imgur user “mollywho” explains that her life has been a mess lately. She just got married not too long ago and was very disappointed that her and her husband Tim Johnson couldn’t afford a wedding.

She’s also exhausted from work and the relationship between her and her friends has been falling apart.

Due to all the stress, she said she has lost hope. Sometimes, she even took her anger out on her husband. But despite all this, her loving husband always forgave her and showed support for her.

Couple days ago, she came home from a trip to San Francisco. When she walked into her room, she noticed words painted all over her mirror. By the time she finished reading them, she could hardly control her tears.

Check it out below.

Her husband titled it “Reasons I love my wife”.





Here’s what Molly wrote in her post:


It is important for people suffering from depression to receive support from loved ones. By writing these words on the mirror, Molly’s husband reminds her how much he loves her and that he will never give up on her no matter what happens in life.

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