Wife Comes In And Sees Him In Bed. What’s Under The Comforter? Totally Unexpected!

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To help patients feel less pain, dentists would always use anesthesia. But as you know, anesthesia is something that takes a while to wear off. We are about to show you how this could affect a person.

Bart, the man in the following video, came home after seeing the dentist. Feeling tired from the medication he took, he lay down on the bed to get some rest.

His wife came into the room and started recording. Seeing how Bart is feeling very scared, she asked him if he had his tape with him. He then grabbed the tape under the comforter and showed it to his wife.

At this point, you can tell she is trying hard to not laugh at him. Wait till you find out what the tape is for. It is an absolutely hilarious moment! Who knew dental drugs could make a man react like this?

Watch the video below.


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