What These Dogs Just Did Left The Entire Family Laughing Uncontrollably.

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We’ve done a countless number of videos about dogs. Some of them display their intelligence, others showcase their cuteness, but in general all of them highlight the awesomeness of dogs. Today, we’re going to add to that countless number with another amazing dog video.

The video that we’re going to be sharing with you today is a funny one. It has brought in an astounding 1.6 million views with hardly any negative feedback from viewers. That’s a rare feat considering people are very quick to be negative on the internet. 

What you’re going to see is two dogs laying on a big doggie bed. The owner asks her big lab “what do you think Jayden?”. We’re not sure why she asked him that question but it really doesn’t matter. The way Jayden responds to her question is where the comedic gold really lies. We won’t spoil what he specifically does, but, I assure you that it’ll be hard to not laugh once you see it!

Check it out below.


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