What These 10 Dogs Did Takes Laziness To A Whole New Level.

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We’ve done a countless number of stories that showcase the intelligence of dogs. Often times, the theme of these stories is how dogs have mental capabilities that appear almost human. Such as the video where the puppy comforted his older brother who was having a bad dream.

Today, we’re going to add to that countless number but in a strange way. It won’t be another compliment to the intelligence of dogs but rather to the second point I made. It’ll highlight just how “human” dogs can really be. 

What you’re going to see is a hilarious compilation of lazy dogs. Like us humans, dogs may be intelligent creatures but they are also prone to laziness. They pick up our good habits along with some of our bad ones. Whether you’re a dog owner or not we think you’re going to love this video.

Check it out below.


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