Watch What’s About To Happen. This Is The CUTEST Thing You’ll See Today! Oh My Gosh!

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This next video comes all the way from an animal sanctuary in Tasmania, Australia. It is guaranteed to be the most adorable video you will see all week!

It begins with a woman standing outside a steel hut and she was about to open the door.

The second the door opened, she started running towards the cameraman. Seven tiny little lambs rushed out of the hut and ran as fast as they could in the same direction.

Turns out, it was breakfast time and these hungry lambs were all trying to be the first one to get to the milk bottles.

Everything about this video is just too cute for words. Just wait till you see the colorful vests that they had on. And make sure you keep your eyes on their tails as they were drinking milk. You are going to love every second of it!

Watch the adorable video below:


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