The Vet Did THIS To Their Dog Without Telling Them…And They’re Absolutely Stunned.

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Sumey and David love their dog Lola more than anything in the world. But this holiday season, they were forced to do the unthinkable. They were forced to give up Lola to the local animal rescue group. What happened was the vet found that Lola had a slipped disk in her back and the operation would cost an astounding $6,000. It was too much money for Sumey and David so they had no choice but to let Lola go. 

But then a miracle surfaced for the couple. When veterinarian, Michael Wong, heard about their situation and what they had to do, he decided he would perform the surgery for free. He contacted the rescue group, got Lola back, and proceeded to give them the surprise of a lifetime. Check out the entire story in the video below.



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