A Dog Gets Out Of Surgery. When She Catches A Vet Doing THIS? 2,000,000 Views In 24 Hours.

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As little Meesha, the puppy, finished up surgery, her anesthesia slowly started to wear off. This sensation spooked the young pup because it made her body feel weird. Meesha started crying and whimpering uncontrollably.

BARCS Surgical Assistant, Dennis Moses, couldn’t stand to watch Meesha in such pain. The cries that came out of her mouth were absolutely heart breaking. That’s when Moses decided to do something amazing.

Moses took Meesha out into a quiet hallway. He held her in his arms while gently rocking her body. Moses also provided the pup with kisses and several other comforting words.

While this was going on, a volunteer happen to walk by. She quickly got her camera out and recorded the heart melting moment. When BARCS Animal Shelter posted the video on Facebook, it went viral over night!

It received over 2 million views, 81,000 likes, 31,000 shares and an impressive 6,000 comments. Everyone is simply in love with the tenderness of the moment. See it for yourself, check it out below.

(Make sure to have your sound turned up. Video may take a second to load.)



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