5 Men Notice A Girl Walking All Alone.. When They Do THIS? She is STUNNED..

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When I was a kid, pranks were considered harmless practical jokes that you pulled on an unsuspecting person. These days, the meaning of the word has evolved drastically. If you take a second to look at some of the most popular “prank” videos on YouTube, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Many so called “prank” videos on YouTube aren’t even pranks. They’re overly provocative, dangerous, malice based, and in some cases even flat out illegal stunts. These videos are farthest thing from being a harmless practical joke on an unsuspecting stranger.

Fortunately, there are some YouTube creators out there, like Stuart Edge, who are still making classic prank videos. His videos aren’t mean spirited, cruel, or even negative at all. He pulls the kind of pranks that tend to leave everyone with a smile.

In this post, we’re going to show you Stuart’s valentines day prank video. He, along with 4 other guys, sneak up on unsuspecting girls around campus and sing them a beautiful song. The move startles girls at first but once they realize what’s going on, they seem to love the gesture!

Stuart even hands them a flower to make the moment even more priceless. It’s cute, funny, and all around awesome. Check it out below.


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