Woman Demonstrates A Brilliant Way To Cook The Turkey.

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When it comes to Thanksgiving, one of the challenges many people face is cooking the turkey. It is easy to put it in the oven and take it out when it’s done. But in order to make it tender, juicy, and delicious, it can be quite difficult.

If you are a person who has always had trouble cooking turkey, then this following video is definitely going to help you out.

First, Roxanne Webber explains that the biggest mistake people make is not knowing how to defrost a turkey properly. According to her, it takes at least three days for a 15-pound turkey to completely defrost.

Now before you put it into the oven, there are several things that must be done. Roxanne will show you step by step how to prepare the turkey the correct way. Just make sure you follow all her instructions and you will be able to make a moist turkey.

Watch the tutorial below!


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