Struggling waitress gets a huge surprise after she hands a trucker his bill.

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Meet Kari Anthony. She’s a single mother who has three young children. To make ends meet, she works as a full time waitress at Quaker Steak in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Recently, a truck driver came into the restaurant during one of her evening shifts. As she took his order, the two began to share some small talk. Due to the fact it was a slow night, this eventually turned into a deep conversation.


The trucker asked Kari about her life and family. She told him that she’s a single mother with three young children. The trucker sympathized with Kari because he too was raised by a single mother.

That’s when something amazing happened.


Kari Anthony

When Kari handed him the bill, she didn’t expect anything special. Most truckers in the area tend to leave modest tips. However, this man gave her the surprise of a lifetime.

He left her a tip for $1,000!


Kari Anthony

Kari started to shake when she saw the tip line. She asked the trucker multiple times if he is sure about his decision. He told her to take the money and do something nice for her kids.

What an incredible act of kindness. Stories like this remind us that there are so many good people left in the world. It’s not nearly as bad as the 24 hours news networks make it out to be.

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