Hidden camera – Will trick-or-treaters take more than their fair share if no one is looking?

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With Halloween being a mere 2 weeks from now, we’d like to share an interesting video with you. Last year, YouTube user, InternetLasers, decided to do a little experiment for Halloween. He put out a few boxes of candy on his porch and set up a hidden camera.

Simply put, InternetLasers wanted to see if people would really abide by the honor rule. Would trick-or-treaters take their fair share if no one is looking?

.The results turned out to be very interesting. So much so, that his video has hit an impressive 4.3 million views on YouTube.

For most of the night, the kids took their fair share and went on their way. It wasn’t until an adult woman came up to the porch that things changed. She, along with her kids, cleaned out all three boxes of candy.

Initially, InternetLasers assumed a group of kids would take all the candy. He never thought a grown woman would be the one to ruin it for everyone. Take a look below to see the video for yourself.

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