Man who pushed and cursed at a commuter experiences a huge dose of karma 8 hours later.

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Like many Londoners, Matt Buckland uses the subway system to get to work each day. On most days, the commute is busy but rather uneventful. However, last year, something happened that temporarily turned Matt into an internet celebrity.

While minding his own business during the commute, a man bumped into Matt so hard that he nearly fell over. To make matters worse, the man was completely unapologetic and even vulgar about the incident.

Matt was furious but he didn’t do anything about it. He decided it was not worth his time to argue with the man. Matt simply got off the train and headed to his office at Forward Partners.

Later that day, Matt was scheduled to interview a new employee. Out of no where, that’s when the rude man from the train walks into the room. It turns out that he is the potential employee that Matt is interviewing.

Here is the tweet that caused Matt’s story to go viral:


Matt Buckland

While some might have used this opportunity to invoke justice, Matt took the high road again. He recognized that subway can make people crazy at times. He gave the man a fair interview but didn’t hire him due to a lack of qualifications.


Matt Buckland

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