Tiny Bird Finds A Paper Towel Then Proceeds To Have The Time Of His Life With It.

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If you are a pet person, you would agree that seeing your pet having fun is one of the things that can always make you smile or even laugh. It is just awesome how much joy they can give us everyday.

In this next video, you get to see a 2-year-old caique playing with his favorite toy. As you are about to see, it is only a simple paper towel. But that’s already enough to make this bird the happiest bird.

After picking it up with his beak, he immediately started hopping around on the floor. He even tried to wrap himself up with it. It is just so cute to see such a tiny bird doing something goofy like this.

Caiques are considered among the most beautiful parrot species because of their gorgeous colors. At the same time, they are also expressive, playful, and funny. After watching this video, you may even consider getting a parrot as a pet. Let us know what you think!

Check out the precious video below.


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