This Was Voted The Best Retirement Home In The U.S. What’s Inside? I’m So Jealous!

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After retiring, having a comfortable place to live in is something that most people would want. But have you ever wondered what a perfect retirement home is like? We are about to show you in the video below.

This house, designed by architect Jon Nystrom, won the Best Retirement Home award in 2013. It is located in a small town called Boerne in Texas.

Before retirement, Jon already started designing this home for himself and his wife. Knowing exactly what they would need after reaching old age, Jon wanted to his retirement home to be as low maintenance as possible.

As you are about to see, Jon did an amazingly beautiful job. Take a look at what the inside is like and let us know what you think! Would you want to live in a home like this after retiring?

Watch the video below.


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