This Is Guaranteed To Be The Most Precious 39 Seconds Of Your Day. OMG…Just Too Cute!

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The name of this adorable dog is Norbert. When he was just 4 months old, a woman named Julie found him on and adopted him.

Ever since the first day Julie met Norbert, she knew he was a special dog because he could always make people smile just by being himself.

One day, while shopping in Boston, a store employee saw Norbert and instantly fell in love with him. She also told Julie that he would make a great therapy dog.

Not knowing what a therapy dog is, Julie decided to do some research. She learned that therapy dogs are trained to provide comfort and happiness to people in need, such as those in nursing homes and hospitals.

After training Norbert for a whole year, he became a registered therapy dog. Now, he has his own YouTube channel with lots of videos. What you are about to see below is one of his cutest ones!

Watch how he reacts when he realizes he is getting a second treat. It’s absolutely priceless.

Check it out below!


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