She Has Down Syndrome. But What She’s About To Do Will Move The Coldest Hearts.

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Inspiration can be found everywhere around us. Today, it’s going to come from a 12-year-old girl named Madison Tevlin, who has down syndrome.

People who were born with down syndrome are often neglected and looked down upon in our society, which makes it difficult for them to live with confidence and happiness. But Madison, on the other hand, refuses to give up on herself. In the video you are about to watch, Madison uses her singing to inspire those that are just like her. 

According to Down Syndrome Education International, a UK-based charity, it is extremely rare for people with down syndrome to be able to sing. What Madison is able to do is defying all statistics and odds. While you can criticize her ability to sing, you cannot deny the fact that she is an inspiration to all of us.

Watch her heart moving video below.


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