This Cat Walked Into The Cage Of A Predator. What Happened Next Surprised Everyone.

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Guests of the St. Petersburg zoo in Russia are frequently found in complete shock at the big cats exhibit. Everytime time they get to the european lynx, they can’t help but notice a stray cat is sharing the space with a dangerous predator. Their fears are completely justified because the european lynx is known to hunt animals that are considerably bigger than a normal cat.

However, what they don’t know is that these two unlikely friends have actually formed a loving relationship. They play with each other, eat together, and constantly groom one another. It’s a bizarre scenario that has captured the attention of several large media outlets. 

According to zookeepers, the relationship began when the stray cat was searching for food. While searching. the cat accidentally slipped into the lynx’s enclosure. Fortunately, the cat was not greeted by sudden death but rather with open arms and love. The two have remained together ever since then.

Take a look at the video below to see their friendship in action.


Zookeepers have refused to break up the friendship. After observing the lynx’s behavior, they felt that cat was not in harms way.


It’s no surprise that the zookeepers were right. Just look at how well these two get along!



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